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Women on a Business Trip, what to bring?

Travel broadens your horizons and boosts your career, especially business trips. Packing for a business trip can be a real headache. Instead of putting things you want better put what you need. Always think of leaving some empty space in your luggage in case you find a good deal or want to take a souvenir. USA Today shared some really interesting tips for women who go on a trip, here we retransmit them

Dressing for Success
Stick to a single, muted color scheme for basics. Two pairs of pants and a jacket can turn into several different outfits if you also pack three or four blouses and accent each combination with jewelry or scarves. Choose fabrics that stay wrinkle-free, and match them with two pairs of shoes for a wardrobe that will easily fit into a carry-on. If you have room, add some yoga pants, a t-shirt and some running shoes in case there’s an onsite gym at the hotel, or if you prefer to travel in comfort.

Staying Safe
Safety is a high priority when traveling alone. Use business cards instead of luggage tags so no one can glimpse your personal information. Carry a small flashlight, preferably an LED light with a metal case. LED lights are brighter and the batteries last longer. Use it if you enter your room and can’t immediately find the switch, and keep it by your bed, along with your phone, in case of emergency. Always bring charging cords for your phone and laptop, so you can stay in touch with friends and family. Also, an air of self-confidence is one of the best defenses when traveling alone. Don’t fumble with keys or your purse, look straight ahead and walk with purpose.

Bonding Time
If you spend a lot of time away from your family and you’re heading to a city where you have friends or relatives, consider bringing one of your kids for some special one-on-one bonding time. An adventure on the road with Mom is worth far more than casual souvenirs, and family members can step in when you’re conducting business or in conference. If it’s not feasible to bring them along, make sure you have a video chat application like Skype or FaceTime on your device so you can talk with your family or show them a few sights from your destination.

Bag It Up
If you find it’s easier to travel without your purse while managing a laptop case and a carry-on, stash away a small clutch bag. It’s easier to toss your room key, wallet and business cards in a clutch than drag your computer case to dinner each night. Set aside a small clear plastic bag for airline-approved toiletries, and use another one for sundries like a small sewing kit for quick wardrobe fixes or sanitizing wet wipes to disinfect the room phone and remote control.

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