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Maytée Zambrano making her mark in a Man’s World

Dr. Maytee Zambrano de Rojas who is a Member of Sistema Nacional de Investigación of Panama and was a key speaker at the second annual International Women’s Tech Summit in Haiti (SIFNUH) which took place from the 15th – 17th May. Dr. Zambrano is a Panamanian national who has studied in both Panama and the USA. She holds a BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the Technological University of Panama, as well as an MSc and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Northeast university.

“My excitement, is sharing my knowledge with people because life is not easy, I mean I had my first daughter when I was twenty years old and I didn’t have a degree then, so I wanted to inspire women, if I can do it, so can they”

Dr. Zambano gave an excellent presentation which was both illuminating and inspiring for those attending this summit. She was able to shed some light on the difficulties she faced as a woman working in the field of technology, such as being a mother and a wife but also staying optimistic and focused on her career. Dr. Zambano explained how challenging it was to juggle family life and her career but being able to overcome this hurdle and pushing forward was attainable through her own drive and motivation. She was honored to attend this year’s SIFNUH Summit as she was keen to share her experiences with other women. 

“There are more and more women in universities, more women are looking for ways to feed their family, now, we should show them the path to be successful”.

Maytée Zambrano also elaborated on how challenging it was as a woman entering a male-dominated industry such as Electrical Engineering often being the only woman at various classes or events she attended. Throughout her presentation, she was able to captivate her audience by speaking about her own experiences. She also explained she had various other speaking engagements in Latin America, but she chose to come to Haiti to share her story with the Haitian people. 

“I think I can do something good, by coming in and showing them, it is not different in any other country, I wanted to come to show them what I know, and help people”

This was her first time visiting Haiti and Dr. Zambrano has stated this was an enriching experience made possible by the university in Panama and the Panamanian Embassy in Haiti. 

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