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Francesca Andre pens a powerful book that celebrates black excellence in young black boys

I AM a Phenomenal Black Boy is an important and relevant book for parents of young black boys. Raising young black boys in today’s world requires a certain level of parental activism and proactivity, the book equips parents and young boys to embrace their brilliance by teaching them about phenomenal leaders as well as encouraging them to be heroes of their own stories.

Known for work as a photographer and her award winning film “Charcoal” which addresses colorism, Francesca Andre’s new book “ I Am a Phenomenal Black Boy” is in perfect alignment with her work as an artist. This book is a landmark, a source of motivation and a mirror that sends a positive and powerful reflection to black boys,reminding them that they are more than society perception and stereotypes. Francesca André spoke with Dofen News about her new book.

« I Am a Phenomenal Black Boy is my love poem to my son and all black boys. », Francesca André.

1-Dofen News : We didn’t see this book coming. What inspires you?

Francesca André : My son is the inspiration behind the book. I wrote the book with him in mind as I want him to have a book that reminds him that he is gifted, brilliant, kind, important and phenomenal.

2-D.N : Your last project was about race, colorism,women. Could you explain the choice behind “I’m a phenomenal black boy”?

F.A : I am in a different phase in my life. As a mother, a black woman, a black creative, my work reflects my experiences. I Am a Phenomenal Black Boy is my love poem to my son and all black boys.

3- D.N : What particular message do you want your readers to get from this book?

F.A : For the parents, to start the work right now! To use this book as a book to remind their sons that they have purpose. For the little boys, I want them to never forget that they are phenomenal.

4-D.N : Do you think this book can change the way that society teaches little boys to act towards little girls?

F.A : That’s not what the book is about specifically but I intentionally included female role models.

5- D.N : What is the essence of the book?

F.A : History, Identity, career choices, positive affirmations, self worth, self esteem, education, wellness.

6- D.N : Do you have more projects coming?

F.A : Yes, I do and will certainly keep you and Dofen news posted.After addressing colorism in her award winning film Charcoal, Francesca Andre’s new children’s book amplifies her work as a socially conscious artist. The book is available on amazon. https://www.amazon.com/I-Am-Phenomenal-Black-Boy/dp/0578742721

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