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Picture submitted by Lisa Shandilya

Lisa Shandilya, a STEMpreneur with vision

Lisa Shandilya is from Trinidad and Tobago, she’s graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree (Upper Class) in Computer Science and Management from the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus. She started her career in Information Technology working for both public and private sector organisations. She was one of the Caribbean women entrepreneur participated at the 7th edition of WeXchange forum in Paraguay on November 13-14th 2019. Let us introduce you to her.

As a female engineer in 1999, she started working on an IT network and software design project for a family-owned tourism enterprise which she eventually joined in 2003 with her husband. As her responsibilities grew so too several qualities in all facets of hotel leadership, strategic planning, market research, sales and marketing, CSR became interwoven, in which Lisa engaged every aspect by certifying herself in Hospitality Marketing, Event Management, and a Masters in International Hospitality and Service Industries from International Laureate Institutions. She had the opportunity to work on a 3 month IT project in the Netherlands. 

Lisa is passionate in achieving performance goals in this fast-changing market environment, keenly looking on at industry-related issues and world matters which she engages in panel discussions with her alumni, and a blogger on tourism matters, with at least thirty published articles thus far. Her insights and recommendations are considered by many in the international arena which she felt encouraged to open her own company, Shandilisa Consulting. 

In 2016, she started researching and developing a company targeted at MICE markets and in 2018 introduced Revolution CMES , Conference Management and Event Solutions. This company provides an event management portal and CALA19 Event App for event professionals to plan and execute events. This is intended to transform Caribbean Event Management professionals handling conferences to first world digitization solutions. 

Lisa believes in crafting experiences for tourism sector growth “Not every market is the same, each destination requires an eye for the industry that can provide tailored opportunities to the client”.  

Revolution Conference Management and Event Solutions have partnered with an international event software developer, to equip planners within the Caribbean and Latin American region, with the latest event app technology. CALA19 APP has transformed conventional event planning to create audience WOW factor. Our solution provides real-time information, user-friendly interface, transaction gateways, accessibility on any smartphone device and scalable for small to large events. This interactive portal will save our clients time and money. 

It is unfortunate that Women entrepreneurs are not taken seriously even with their own female counterpart. The male businessmen want to keep their male dominance and the women simply has power issues. 

Lisa is proud of some accomplishments : Reach Mentorship Program initiated in 2010 specially developed for AFETT ; managing a hotel for 20 years even through the difficult times ; training talent for the hospitality industry. Her participation at the 7th WexChange was an extraordinary experience, The conference spoke to the challenges faced by women, the complexities of changing mindsets, and that age is not a criterion to be a start-up entrepreneur. She met so many women who have changed careers to move into new fields and creating new business opportunities from finding a niche in the market space – Many with stories and some interesting experiences.  

The experience through networking with the broader landscape of businesswomen and the mentorship has opened doors to business communities which allows me to cross borders. 

Lisa wants to send a global message « If you have an idea, talk it through with someone, understand your product, research your direction and prepare yourself to face shut doors. In time, you will realize that every shut door means you need to find ways to improve to get your message across. Your success will come! And if you are wondering about the FEAR, let the fear empower rather than hinder. We all go through it. »

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