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Yve-Car is a woman on a mission!

Yve-Car Momperousse is CEO and founder of Kreyol Essence, a body, beauty healthcare product line made from organic ingredients indigenous to Haiti. She is an entrepreneur who is passionate about the social and economic development of her native country, Haiti.

Our mission is to ensure that we help to tackle dry hair and skin while creating jobs for farmers and women in Haiti

“What looks like a cosmetics company is really an agricultural endeavor because, in order for us to make castor oil we have to plant, we have over 50 farmers who are working and planting seeds instead of cutting trees, as we have an issue of deforestation in Haiti”

Yvecar was born in Haiti but left as a toddler and grew up in the United States of America, she remained connected to her Haitian roots throughout her life. Today, she identifies as being Haitian/American. Yvecar explained the trauma she experienced using hot irons to straighten her hair which eventually led to her hair loss. After this ordeal, she decided to turn to natural Haitian castor oil her mother used on her hair as a child and this is how the concept of Kreyol Essence was born. 

“Starting Kreyol Essence has been one of the most gratifying things I have done and one of the things that I really believe in, and I am committed too because of the women that I get to impact”

Today, Yvecar is a well-known public figure within the Haitian community, a role model and inspiration for many young Haitian women across the diaspora. She is driven, motivated and has a positive energy that she hopes to share with other young women. Giving back to the Haitian community is very important to her and this is why she feels it is so important to succeed. She considers herself a social entrepreneur and activist.  

“I learned that if we really want to have an impact on Haiti social entrepreneurship the way to go”

“The main issue is economics, people can’t learn if their hungry, people will steal, if they are hungry, health cannot be helped… it all comes down to money…business creates jobs, and this is why I created Kreyol Essence”

She has been able to shed some light on realistic social issues within the Haitian community, such as colorism that still exists in Haiti today. Many have said she is courageous to speak openly about this topic. Kreol Essence a cosmetic product can only aid with such problems in society.

“Part of our brand and what we believe is that all women are beautiful and that especially as Haitian women we come in all different shades, hair types and that’s all ok”

Kreyol Essence is a brand that presents Haiti at a completely different angle. The brand is a luxury product, and many do not visualize luxury when they think of Haiti. This is providing a positive outlook for a country that has been mistreated by the media for countless years. 

“Kreyol Essence is a luxury product and people think wow… I never associated Haiti with luxury”

Prior to starting Kreyol Essence, Yvecar worked as the Director for Diversity at Cornell University in New Jersey where she was able to help students who were underrepresented or disenfranchised which she found to be quite demanding but necessary in order to develop the university’s diversity program. Now, she is able to continue this work by helping the social and agricultural development of Haiti through Kreyol Essence exporting Haitian produce rather than importing and creating more and more jobs while expanding Kreyol Essence.  This is a beautiful concept that only brings hope to Haiti and Haitian people.

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