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Source photo : Le Floridien

Naomi Esther BLÉMUR, thousand hats for one vision

Born and raised in Miami, Naomi Esther Blemur is among the thousand Haitian Americans who embrace their original culture and identify themselves with their roots and dedicate themselves to offering better to the Haitian community.

Her family came from Leogane, a town well known for its traditional heritage “Rara”. Rara is directly associated with this area, it happens to be a strong tradition in Haiti and specifically in Léogâne. Rare is celebrated during the holy period coinciding with easter. She studied business, Business Management, and Marketing in Spain, Language & Culture in Italy, and Accounting in the United States. She is what we call a role model, an accomplished woman. She carries a bit more than 20 years of experience.

An early adult!

She lost her mother at the age of 18 and inherited her three sister’s children. As they say, responsibility doesn’t only come with age, but also with new situations. Since then, she had to take care of those children who needed her support and presence. This experience shaped her as a leader. She learns how to take decisions, balance the pros and cons of the situations, and always make sure to be fair to everyone.

“I am successful in my family and professional life because I believe in living a balanced life. One part of your life is not more important than the other. I look at in 1/4 – finance (career) is 1/4, spirituality is 1/4, education is 1/4 and your emotions (family life) is 1/4. Each one needs to be respected, developed, and nurtured to ensure success”.

Naomi Esther BLÉMUR

Mrs. Blemur seems to find the right formula to manage successfully career, family, and spirituality.

Christian and engaged politically!

Mrs. Blémur lived most of her life in New York, between snow and cold winter. She was living her life and didn’t think about politics or its implications. However, the universe was plotting. Obligated to assist in the funeral of her grandmother in the sunshine state, she met who will become her husband. After one year of dating, they get married and create a whole family on their own.

She never hid her Christian life. In fact, she thinks God had a plan for her. Also, she is convinced that being Christian has helped her find her way, and it continues to guide her in this new adventure.

There is no incompatibility between being Christian and being dedicated itself to helping the community where you are living.

A new voice, and new perspectives for the Haitian Community in Florida

“23 million residents of Florida will have a strong advocate to speak for them and defend their causes”.

Naomi Esther BLÉMUR

Most of Haitian Immigrants are based in Florida. Our culture flies and is installed in the daily lives of the citizens, despite living abroad. As a community, people face social issues and need to be well represented in the political sphere to provoke changes and improve life in the community.

Naomi Esther Blemur showed herself as the better choice for the job. She describes herself as engaged and fully motivated to help shape a brighter future for Haitian living in Florida. She plans to address some critical problems such as Gun Safety. As we know, many schools in the states were under gun attack. Mrs. Blemur made the promise to fight this issue, to raise awareness. She is also concerned about students in public schools and wants to use her mandate to advocate to normalize nutritional breakfast and lunch for them.

Naomi Esther Blemur is running for commissioner of agriculture and consumer services. She wouldn’t be the better choice without prioritizing, as promised, to work harder for the environment, help small farmers access capital in order to develop their businesses, and strengthen community farming. Naomi Esther Blemur positioned herself as the best choice for the community, the woman of the situation, the one who fits better this position. She is convinced that she moves to Florida to accomplish a mission which is to serve her community there. She seems determined to bring solutions, to accompany her people, to play as a bridge between politics and people who really need assistance, and get done what needs to be done in the community.

Naomi Esther Blemur is a minister, community leader, author, wife, and mother and she asks for the opportunity to use her leadership to make a difference in her community.

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